Here are Some Healthy Alternatives to Potato Chips

When it comes to vegetables, here in the UK, we all love our potatoes. Unfortunately, it’s the fried potatoes and crisps that we really love. In fact, the snacks industry is worth a lot of money and crisps are a major part of that. If you’re trying to eat healthily, crisps won’t hurt you too much if eaten in moderation. However, if you’re strict about it then you’ll want to find alternatives to this tasty yet processed and unhealthy snack.

Tyrrells vegetable crisps taste nice and are actually not bad for your diet.The first alternative is eating vegetable crisps. These aren’t widely available as normal crisps but they are healthier. Tyrrells Veg crisps are one such product that you can order in the UK. These are bound to be expensive so if you’re not willing to buy them then you can make vegetable crisps at home. These will provide you with lower calories and more fibre.

Kale crisps are another alternative for normal crisps. Kale is all the rage these days and is being used in a wide variety of foods like smoothies. It has a lot more protein and fibre when compared to potato crisps.

Quinoa crisps are another terrific alternative to normal crisps. This is because quinoa has a complete protein profile as it contains all the essential amino acids. These are essential for the body to function properly and for the proper growth of the body.

Protein crisps are also excellent as they use lentils as the main ingredient due to its protein content. Of course all of these different crisps will also contain some ingredients that aren’t any good for your health. These include things like salt. However, you can try your best to get gluten-free organic crisps that are free of these types of things. Of course you can have potato crisps in moderation or as a cheat snack every once in a while.

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