What is the Best Chocolate to use for Making Desserts?

We discuss the best cooking chocolate to use for making desserts.Chocolate is an integral part of a good dessert but when you head to the baking section of a supermarket, you’re left with a huge decision to make. Which chocolate do you choose for your latest bake? You will have a huge choice between dark or milk chocolate, solid bars or nibs, bittersweet or semi-sweet and many more. It’s really tricky knowing what to buy and sometimes the confusion can make you give up. The general rule is that you should never make a dessert with chocolate that you wouldn’t like to eat on its own. By this I mean that it should be tasty enough for you to like it.

When it comes to solid bars, this form is the one that’s most commonly used. It can be melted in the microwave and sometimes can even be incorporated into cookie dough. This means that I would associate it with great versatility and you’ll be able to use it to make cookies, cakes and all sorts of baked treats. Chocolate is often sold in massive blocks and you should only buy this form if you’ll be baking on a large-scale.

Now say you’re trying to make a chocolate chip cookie, it would be hard to use a solid bar to make this. Obviously, in this case, you’ll need to buy chocolate chips. In addition to making chocolate-chip cookies, you can also use this form for various other desserts like breads. But, make sure that you buy chocolate chips from high quality brands that don’t include too many additional substances like preservatives.

Now brownies are probably one of my favourites when it comes to a chocolate dessert. While you can use melted chocolate for a runny texture in the middle, the chocolaty taste of brownies is mostly due to cocoa powder. You should always look out for cocoa powder that is unsweetened. Furthermore, never buy cocoa powder that has Dutch process written on it. This contains several ingredients that are not healthy and also will destabilise the structure of your dessert.

When it comes to the taste, you should choose the type of chocolate depending on your personal taste. Generally, dark chocolate is the healthiest but may not suit everyone’s taste. If you prefer bittersweet then look for 70% cocoa. In comparison, semisweet chocolate usually has a cocoa content of 60%. Milk chocolate is a bit sweeter and would be better when you’re trying to make sweeter desserts.

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