Try this Tea Latte to Get Started with your Day

A tea latte can be very refreshing if you make it correctly.It’s highly important to get the day started in the right way. Usually we all have a normal cup of coffee or tea to wake us up but sometimes it’s good to experience a different taste. Usually, the best thing to drink or eat is something that feels healthy, is quick to make and also one that is natural. The best example of this is something called a tea latte.

This is mainly based on chamomile tea, which doesn’t have any caffeine but feels extremely natural and herbaceous. It’s relatively easy to make at home so why not try it one day as a substitute for your coffee.

If you are going to try the chamomile version then you need to steep this for a perfect time. While this is happening, you need to grab a saucepan and heat some milk alongside a little drizzle of honey. Don’t overheat this either. Instead, keep it on medium heat. The honey will make sure that the tea feels little sweet, which is an essential property of this tea latte. As this mixture heats, you’re not supposed to let it come to a boil. Instead, you need to keep mixing it with a whisk until it simmers. This will form quite a bit of froth, which you’ll have to pour over the chamomile tea that you just prepared.

This recipe is quite flexible so you can experiment it with different teas and different types of milk!

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