The Best Beer Fridge For Bottles

A beer fridge and a wine cooler are usually separate products designed, as the name indicates, to keep your drinks cool. I’m sure you know the great feeling associated with getting an ice cool bottle straight from the fridge and drinking it.

It feels very refreshing indeed. Along with beer, there might be a few members of your family who like to have wine on special occasions. The issue here is that both drinks need to be cooled at different temperatures. This means that if you were thinking of buying a single fridge, you can throw that idea in the bin.

What you’re going to need is a dual zone beer and wine cooler. This will not only help you to free up some space in your main fridge but it’ll also have two separate zones for the storage of beer and wine bottles.

In this instance, picking the right product can be a lot more complicated when compared to a normal kitchen appliance. There is a lot of terminology to understand and you don’t want to spend your money without conducting sufficient research.

If you’re after a beer fridge alone then there are several products you can look at. However, it can be quite difficult to find dual zone wine coolers. When you’ve shortlisted a couple of products the first thing to do is to check their cooling specification.

This is because we will be looking for ideal specifications to cool beer and wine in their own zones. Ideally you want to obtain temperature that will maximise the taste of these beverages. Another thing to look out for is the storage space.

Normally, these products will come in special zones that are shaped for bottles and then other zones that are flat for cans. The price is also important because while you want to buy a high quality wine and beer fridge, you definitely wouldn’t want to spend over the top.

Finally, the last factor to consider is the overall design of the cooler. This is a machine that’ll be used when you have guests over or when you’re having a party. This means that you should look out for an attractive design at the very least. It should be something that your guests will be impressed by.

After evaluating all the products, you need to make sure that your chosen fridge is one that provides the best value. It should have all the essential specs and shouldn’t cost too much.

Of course it’s possible to aim for the highest quality products but this will depend on how much you’re willing to spend because these machines can become quite costly.

The Magic Chef beer fridge is definitely a very good option if you like your beer bottles ice cold.From my experience, a very well rounded beer fridge is the Magic Chef beverage cooler. This is available as a built-in model but can also be purchased in a freestanding model. The good thing about this model is that it has convenient temperature controls that can be used very easily.

The maintenance of temperature is quite good though it can be colder than other high quality models. At least you’ll have full control of the settings. The capacity is probably the most impressive feature of this model as the upper area can store around 60 cans or 15 bottles with ease.

In comparison, the lower area has the capacity to store 75 cans or 26 bottles. There might also be a little bit more space to cram a few cans and bottles in the fridge.

An equally important advantage is the price. This is fairly affordable and as a result, buying this would certainly be a better option than most other products.

When it comes to buying a dual zone wine and beer fridge, you have quite a task on hand. However, with a little bit of searching, you can easily find the most suitable product for you.

In my case, I think the Magic Chef model is by far the best. This is because it has all the essential features at an affordable price, something that wasn’t the case with some of the other products I looked at.

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