About Grahame

Hey there! I’m Grahame and I’m delighted to see you here!

I’m the one behind Grahame Clarke Porcelain, a website that will be all about making simple recipes that are not only nutritious but also quite creative when compared to anything else that you have ever seen.

But remember that while creativity and the presentation of food can be great, it’s not a substitute for healthy ingredients. There are a lot of pictures of food roaming around social media platforms like Instagram but a lot of these are based on style rather than what is actually healthy. But that’s the world we are living in. Obviously, the plan is to present my meals in the best way possible but I do while incorporating and creating the healthiest recipes possible. For this reason, I can’t promise that my meals will look as good as expected.

So spend a little bit of time to roam around the site and of course, let me know what you think!

Cheers guys!